Dog Gone Crazy Boarding and Daycare

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Camp Policies

DogGoneCrazy's front office is open 365 days of the year from 8:30 am until 6 pm.
DogGoneCrazy strives to create a safe, healthy environment for your pet at all times. In order to guarantee this, we require written proof of current vaccinations (DHLPP, Rabies and Bordetella for dogs, Feline Rabies and FVRCP for cats) from your veterinarian’s office PRIOR to your pet’s stay with us. If your pet’s vaccinations are not up to date, we will arrange for our veterinarian to examine and vaccinate your pet for an additional fee.
We are delighted to accommodate your reservation request! All reservations must be guaranteed by credit card, we will charge you one night’s boarding when you book your reservation. By reserving a cabin at DogGoneCrazy, you agree to the following: if you cancel or change your reservation within the seven (7) day period before your scheduled check-in date, your credit card will not be refunded. If you cancel BEFORE the 7 day period, we will refund your card.

A Day At Camp

Every day at DogGoneCrazy is a great day!
8 am:
The staff arrives and all dogs are taken out in small playgroups for their first outdoors break of the day. Counselors scrub, clean and disinfect all cabins and start laundry. Morning meals and are prepared and breakfast is served.
8:30- 9:30am: One of our camp counselors heads up stairs to give our boarding kitties fresh food, water, & bedding and clean our their kitty condo's for the day. The kitties get some individual time to play around in the main cat room before getting tucked away for an afternoon cat nap.
9- noon:
Campers who are leaving this afternoon will be given their baths at this time. Dogs signed up for hikes will enjoy 45 minutes out in the Tahoe National Forest.. All dogs are let outside in playgroups for some fun in the sun or snow, we rotate the groups every 30 minutes depending on size and temperament- 30 minutes of playtime, then 30 minutes of inside down time...all day! From now until closing! Canines who prefer to play alone get some one-on-one people time in separate play areas.
Our camp counselors take lunch breaks in shifts. All the while, our active campers continue to play the day away, while our mellow guys spend time sitting in the shade or hanging in the sun. In the summer, the pool is open for swim time and a chance to cool down. We have a ladder leading in and out for the little guys and a small pool for those just wanting a quick cool down.
Dinnertime! Every dog (and cat!) is fed and given fresh water.
Everyone gets a short rest time after dinner and then everyone is back out playing in their groups for the rest of the day.
All dogs are given another chance to go potty before the day staff leaves for the day